Documinitary: Disabled Dog Teaches Her Favorite Coping Skill … on an Epic Adventure

5 Jun

#Amicasmells: The Movie

Last year, my dog Amica and I wandered around the United States (mostly the wild west) for 10 weeks. There were plenty of reasons behind the trip, some I knew going in, and some I didn’t know until we came out. Two of my favorite reasons are the book I wrote, which currently sits on the cooling rack, and a little movie I made. Both, of course, have a message about hidden disabilities.

For a Recap (if you like)….

My wrap-up article about the trip: Travels with Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, and Amica

My interactive map of our major stops:

You can also explore my blog from May through July of 2019 and see several articles inspired by the trip and its experiences.

Now, the Feature Film

The movie is about Amica, but it’s also about a lot of us. The trip itself was a lot about Amica. One of her favorite things to do (probably second only to eating) is smelling things. Hence our hashtag on Instagram: #Amicasmells.

This is #Amicasmells: The Movie. I conceptualized it before we left on the adventure. Just last week I finally put in the many hours of turning 100+ video clips and 100+ photo clips (out of thousands) into one little movie clocking at a hair under 10 minutes. It was my first attempt at adding music and my second attempt at including subtitles. I’m telling you all this to convey it was a LOT of work (and a lot of app crashes), and I’m really, really, really proud of it.

Here it is:

I’d love for you to share and use this as a conversation starter about disabilities and/or coping skills! I made a direct link to the YouTube video, which is


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