Women’s Leadership

Don’t Just Lead…Inspire: A 3-Part Blueprint to Be an Unforgettable Leader

Breakout Session / Keynote Speech

“Be a Sonnet”

There are plenty of ways to lead. We can lead by merely dictating orders; we can lead by example. Christina believes in leading by inspiring—inspiring the way an artfully composed poem does. In her leadership presentation, she uses stories, comedy, and poetry to reveal a simple formula to being a leader who inspires, which means living the three ways a sonnet is formed: See challenges as puzzles to piece together, acknowledge limitations and find ways to be amazing within them, and act boldly and uninhibited by fear.

Christina Irene women's empowerment speaker delivers keynote speech at women's leadership conference at Pace University

Christina Irene delivers the keynote at Pace University’s Women’s Leadership Conference.


Learning Outcomes

Speech/workshop attendees will be able to see problems as puzzles and use the “rhyming” method to solve them. They will embrace limitations (such as disabilities and discrimination) with one perception-shifting truth that turns limitations into advantages. They will take action in implementing a 3-step process to be free from the fears that hold us back. And they’ll be able to combine all these methods to be able to lead and inspire like a sonnet!


“Knowledgeable, relatable, and an overall phenomenal speaker.” —Brittany, Women’s Leadership Initiative Intern, Westminster, MD

“Love this workshop! Christina Irene exemplifies and validates the power of transforming our weaknesses into strengths. —Ginger, US Army veteran with PTSD & doctoral student focused on resilience technology, Syracuse, NY

“Loved the poetry. Never experienced poetry + motivational speaking + comedy all together before. Keep inspiring!” —Rachel, 19, Corning, NY

“Christina is very phenomenal and embodies the strength that every human deserves to have instilled in them. Super cool!” —Desjah, 18, Orlando, FL

It was cool making our own mantras as well as hearing our own restrictions from ourselves. ‘Form the puzzle…and you can do it all.'” —Alan, 18, Lily Dale, NY

“Inspiring, engaging, and eye opening. Christina gave me tools to solve any problem.” —Hann, 21, Jamestown, NY

“It was beautiful and amazing, and I feel not only inspired but also empowered and capable of doing what I was scared to do before.” —Meagan, 18, Jackson, TN

“Excellent leadership session!”Matthew, 23, Fort Myers, FL

“One of the greatest presentations I’ve been to in a long time.” —Jessica, 21, Fulton, NY

“It was beyond powerful, and optimistic!” Sadé, 18, Buffalo, NY

“Christina truly helped me realize how simple it ca be to overcome fears. She is really inspiring!”Taylor, 22, Syracuse, NY

“I felt moved and inspired to pursue my dream of becoming an Army Ranger.” Amanda, 21, Trussville, AL

“I left this presentation feeling enlightened with positivity!” —Louisa, 18, Buffalo, NY

Presenter Bio

Before becoming a speaker, Christina Irene had a plethora of jobs, from tobacco farmer and cotton candy maker, to algebra teacher and ad writer. While working as a professional stand-up comic, she traveled to all 50 states. Beyond that, she’s gone on adventures all around the world – by herself – 15 times. Locally, she’s embedded herself in politics, on commissions for education, construction, and sewer. And after the onset of a disability that affects both her body and her mind, Christina is more determined than ever to fearlessly take on the world and her dreams and to teach audiences everywhere how to do the same. Because it’s actually quite simple….

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