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Gender Diversity Programs

Christina Irene began her speaking career as a women’s empowerment speaker and continues to offer workshops, keynote speeches, and spoken word events on gender diversity, empowerment, and leadership. These programs include:


women’s empowerment program

Don’t Just Lead…Inspire

women’s leadership program

Empowerment Through Verse

gender violence and sexual assault awareness workshop/spoken-word hybrid event

Take It or Leave It?

women and cultural diversity workshop

Words Unmasking

poetry event

Other Programs

Christina’s core mission that drives all of her work is for us to not only be empowered to be ourselves, but for us to be the best versions of ourselves – independent, inspired, and making remarkable contributions to our communities. This mission has yielded some unique programs:

Communication Secrets from the Stage

interpersonal communication skills inspired by acting and stand-up comedy techniques

Know Your Objective

a character-development-driven creative writing workshop

The One-Day Intensive Stand-Up Comedy Workshop

comedy writing and performance training


Christina loves to develop custom programs and is comfortable working in the realms of leadership, civility, civic involvement, interpersonal communication, wellness, diversity, self care and self love, body image, disability, inclusion, travel, marketing, entrepreneurship, performance arts, creative arts, and more!

Other Stuff

Stand-Up Comedy

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