Poetry Event: Overcoming Adversity

Words Unmasking

Christina’s unique poetry event was inspired by a leadership workshop attendee who remarked about the combination of poetry, comedy, and motivational speaking that makes up her Don’t Just Lead…Inspire program. She thought, Hmmm…. What would happen if I built an entire program on that concept?

The result is a fascinating hybrid entertainment program that pulls teachings from Christina’s core workshops and tucks them away nonchalantly within disrupting poetry and seasoned comedy material.

Themes & Topics Covered

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment & assault
  • Invisible disabilities
  • Challenges of womanhood
  • Diverse forms of poetry
  • Overcoming fear
  • Adventure
  • How to be an inspiration
  • And much more!

Active Involvement of Attendees!

Words Unmasking is the perfect platform for a poetry open mic or poetry slam competition. It works great when attendees are encouraged to bring an original poem on the topic of overcoming adversity.

Want to read some samples?

Not Seeking Fame (trigger alert: sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexism, bullying)
Breathe at Zero (trigger alert: domestic abuse, violence, bullying)



About Christina the Poet

Christina Irene has won regional and national awards for both her poetry and her stand-up comedy. She’s appeared onstage as an entertainer and as an empowerment speaker in 33 states. She’s been writing since she could hold a pencil and acting like a weirdo since before she could stand, and it all comes to fruition in Words Unmasking’s riveting blend of humor, stories, and soul-provoking poetry.


“Such powerful words and emotions throughout each poem.”
— Christopher, age 20

“Interesting. Inspired you to be better in life.”
— Wendy, age 24

“Very well organized, very strong words! Hope to see you again.”
— Pragalath, age 23

“Inspirational and informative.”
— Savitne, age 27

“She knows how to capture one’s attention.”
–Juliana, age 29

“Enlightening. Taught me to let go of my fear and breathe.”
–Bayyianah, age 19

“Thank you for reaching out to women of abuse!”
— KEC, age 51

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