Women’s Empowerment

SuperPowerment: How Women Can Master Bravery and Become Unstoppable

Breakout Session / Keynote Speech

What could we accomplish if we never had to worry about what people would think – or if we didn’t have to worry about failing? Too often, women don’t pursue the things we really want because of internal barriers. Christina has discovered a simple way to disempower these inhibitors so that we can be truly unstoppable.

Throughout her presentation, she uses laugh-out-loud humor and engrossing stories from life on the road (as a touring stand-up comic) to present a step-by-step process to acknowledge our dreams, overcome the fears that hold us back, and take real, immediate action towards accomplishing our goals.

She also uses captivating personal stories to introduce the external “villains” women face – such as discrimination, sexual harassment, and abuse – and provides practical strategies to maintain power in any situation.

SuperPowerment’s ultimate goal is to have every woman know we can actually achieve our greatest dreams. The end of the session is a call to action, to take one brave first step, whether small or large. It is entirely possible in light of what we’ve already been through, as long as we use that one secret ingredient that Christina reveals and exemplifies – a “superpower” that’s within us all….

Speaker Christina Irene acting out her most embarrassing moment during her women's empowerment presentation.  Christina Irene, female speaker, presents at Genesee Community Collegecollege women's empowerment workshop Christina Irene delivering an animated presentation on women's empowerment in Hummelstown, PA


  • Identify and list the ways we are already empowered.
  • Define sexual harassment, discrimination, consent, and abuse.
  • Create a personal resource containing the first step to take after an incident.
  • Identify personal goals that we are keeping ourselves from achieving.
  • Identify which of 3 types of fear is/are preventing achievement of our goal.
  • Implement a 3-step process to remove self-imposed barriers and achieve a specific goal.


“Thank you so much! I struggle with crippling fear, and this has really helped me!”
–Gwen, 18, Hannibal, NY

“She made me feel so empowered! Her presentation was a great cleanse to my soul. Simply amazing.”
Taylor, 19, Unadilla, NY

“Christina is great! She really encourages us in a realistic way to pursue our goals.” Rebecca, 45, Attica, NY

“Humorous, yet impactful.” –Jen, 19, Dillsburg, PA

“I left feeling I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.” Cailey, 18, Watertown, NY

“Christina is fantastic! I recommend listening to this amazing woman speak!” –Darren, 19, Highland, NY

“You are truly a inspiration; the stories you have told and the things you have been through but kept going just really opened my eyes.”
Alyssa, 20, Fulton, NY

“SuperPowerment is a unique, tangible and impactful workshop for college women. Christina Irene provides real-life examples of harassment and discrimination from life on the road as a female comedian and shares how she overcame those obstacles by using her superpowers. Christina Irene teaches skills and tools to enable both women and men to dig deep inside themselves to find their own superpower and overcome their fears.” —Bridget O’Donnell, Student Activities Manager, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY

“Definitely motivational. Fast-paced.” –Callisto, 17, Hummelstown, PA

“One of the greatest presentations I’ve been to in a long time.”
Jessica, 21, Fulton, NY

“It makes me feel more that I can do anything.” –Emily, 18, Harrisburg, PA

“Christina, you have ‘empowered’ me to realize that it is okay to have fears and that I have the ‘power’ to overcome them. Thank you!” –Alexandra, 46, Los Angeles, CA

“She is an amazing and inspiring person.” Rayna, 18, Albany, NY

“Loved that you added a few touches of inclusion.” –Michelle, 36, Red Lion, PA

“This is a very important session for women. I would highly recommend it.” Elisabeth, 21, Dallas, TX

“So inspiring and empowering in the most realistic and down-to-earth way.” Lacey, 19, Parish, NY

“I really enjoyed the session. It made me want to achieve my goals. I wish my wife could have been here, too.” Stephen, 26, Portland, ME

“All things can be possible, but one must stop fearing fear to use their superpower and to grow, otherwise you cannot grow and will be stuck. This presentation is a start to open that door. Next is sticking yourself out there.” Emely, 20, Middleport, NY

“Christina is funny and enjoyable. She makes me feel powerful more than I already was.” Kelsie, 19, Parish, NY

“Every young woman needs to hear what Christina Irene has to say. As a matter of fact, it should be shouted from the rooftops for ALL to hear. Our young women need healthy, positive role models and Christina is one. She inspired me and gave me hope for every young woman out there.” —Cliff Scutella, Director of Student Activities, Genesee Community College, Batavia, NY

Christina Irene delivers her interactive women's empowerment speech at a ladies' luncheon in Hummelstown, PA.

Christina Irene delivers her interactive women’s empowerment speech at a ladies’ luncheon in Hummelstown, PA.

Speaker Bio

Christina Irene began touring as stand-up comedian in 2000, with nearly 700 shows in 33 states. She taught high school English, creative writing, journalism, theatre, and algebra, in addition to conducting comedy and theatre workshops. She’s traveled to 21 countries, all 50 states, lived in four states, and has done an eclectic variety of jobs from tobacco farmer to carnival barker to ad writer.

Christina is an award-winning comedian, poet, and photographer. Her television appearances include interviews on NBC and ABC affiliates, and she is published in popular joke books, She’s So Funny: 1768 of the Best Jokes From Women Comedians and Love’s Funny That Way: 800 Terrific Jokes About Romance and Relationships.

Community leadership includes an elected position on her town council, being chairperson of her town’s municipal authority, serving on the planning commission, and helping with fundraisers and charity events. Christina has made it her purpose to help everyone realize just how powerful they are and to see them achieve their dreams.

Visit the SuperPowerment YouTube channel here.

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  1. You are an idol to women everywhere…or should be! The positivity and insight you bring in your empowerment lectures is heartwarming and hopeful. To see a women stand tall but not be cold or distant after facing adversity has empowered me to face my personal obstacles. Thank you and keep going! Val

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