Gender Violence/Sexual Assault Awareness

Empowerment Through Verse

Slide4This vital program is packed with entertainment, skills, resources, and action. It begins with poetry performance by Christina Irene; her bold poetry unmasks gender violence and sexual assault and activates courage.

The performance shifts to storytelling and group participation with a focus on creating personal resource booklets. These takeaway promo shotpieces will arm attendees in the realms of…

  • Sexual harassment and assault
  • Gender/domestic violence
  • Discrimination
  • Resiliency and confidence

…and will incorporate information about resources available on campus.

Next is an activity borrowed from Christina’s background in theatre and stand-up promo shot 2comedy. This fun segment will fortify the previous segment’s teaching and add empowering communication skills—how to be heard.

Finally, attendees who are now emboldened by new tricks of courage and theatrics will perform their own poetry on the themes of gender violence or overcoming adversity.

About the Presenter

Presented by Christina Irene, women’s empowerment speaker and award-winning poet and comedian. Christina studied theatre at the University of Tennessee and taught theatre and creative writing at high schools in North Carolina and Virginia. Her presentations on domestic violence and sexual harassment involve her personal experiences.

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