You Need a Splatquake Kit!

3 Oct

I’m so excited to share this idea! If you’re a Splattie, or you know someone who is, I highly recommend putting one of these together.

A Splatquake Kit is like a gift basket of enjoyable things to set aside to help you or someone you love through a flare. I’m thinking if I hit more than one freight-train/asteroid day in a row, I’m going to bust out my Splatquake Kit.

I made two, to show you examples. The first is one where I went out and bought myself stuff. I had so much fun at Target yesterday! (I also bought bigger pants, finally, so happy happy!!) Now the challenge will be to not trigger a flare on purpose so I get to have my presents.   20191002_155111

Definitely do what I did and write yourself (or whom you’re gifting this to) a nice note:


What else is in the kit:

  • the new Stephen King novel
  • the new Dragon Tattoo movie
  • Velveeta shells and cheese
  • PF Chang’s orange chicken (which will live in the freezer)
  • a coffee chocolate treat
  • chocolate covered blueberries
  • bath salts
  • a rubber ducky
  • LEGO®!
  • cozy socks
  • an aromatherapy candle
  • a chew treat for my Amica

Obviously, I spent a bit of money on that (which I *totally* justified because I *needed* it for this article). So if a stroll around Target or spending money aren’t within your means or comfort, you can also put one together with things you have around the house. No, it won’t feel as much like your birthday, but it’s still effective in that on a good day, you mindfully and lovingly put together a selection of items you’ll enjoy having handy on a bad day. They might even be things you forgot you have or forget to use when you’re not feeling well.


A special thing I did for this one was pull some old letters out that I had filed away, including a card from my late grandma and a cool thing my mom copied down for me.


What else is in the kit:

  • my Gameboy loaded with Tetris
  • a Sudoku book
  • a fun novel I want to reread [When the Wind Blows by James Patterson]
  • season 1 of a great TV show that I only watched once
  • my microwavable bean back thingie
  • little candles
  • essential oils
  • aromatherapy linen spray
  • chocolate treats
  • popcorn
  • a Chinese takeout menu

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