My 3-Item “Reset Mantra” When Legit Trying is Too Hard

10 Apr

How ’bout all those positive messages and happy how-tos that I write about?

Look, I understand that pretty much everything in life is easier said than done. And sometimes, being positive is just too flippin’ hard. Right now is one of those times. So much has so significantly changed, and mostly not for the better.

So what’s to be done, when we’re feeling down and want to try to feel better, but only kind of? What’s to be done during a pandemic?

Here is an actual-easy, 3-item positivity meditation/reset I came up with this week. It doesn’t make things all better. It won’t get you skipping around in your socks (especially if you’re barefoot). But it can make things feel less terrible and get you through until you’re in a better place to do the better trying.

1. Purpose

Yeah, I’m starting off with the biggest one. What is your purpose? What do you want to do more than anything in this world … for this world? What are you here to do? Are you a healer? Are you a jester? Are you a mom? No matter what is going on around you, this is still who you are. Nothing can ever take this away from you. And I bet there are little ways, every day, you can be active in this purpose. Even if you can’t, today, this is still your purpose. Remind yourself that this is never lost.

2. A Positive

Think of just one positive thing that can come out of whatever situation may be causing you stress (like not getting to hug your dad for a month). Is it showing you the good side of someone? Is it letting you see something you might have missed before? Have you learned a new thing? What do you now have that you didn’t have before?

3. The Repeatable Moment

When so much is lost, when so much feels over think, what is something you’ve done in the past that was super special, that you are nostalgic about, that you can still go back and do all over again, as soon as tomorrow? Close your eyes and picture yourself there, knowing it’s not past, but future.


I’m working through a massive shift in my life. I was fully self-employed, traveling with my dog as a professional speaker, or working from home in my cozy space called the Word Studio, which has all accommodations I need for my disabilities.

Now, because of COVID-19 and shutdowns canceling all of my work, I’ve had to take a regular job, with a boss and a space and a desk. Overall, it’s a great job, but it comes with struggles and losses. I can’t work lying down anymore. I have to sit or stand, causing me tremendous pain and/or fatigue (I’m working on getting modifications in place). I’ve lost my freedom to travel whenever I like with my best friend. I can no longer “call off” work when my fibromyalgia is being terrible.

I’m also super sad for all the losses I’m seeing everywhere, constantly. Seniors losing their senior year moments, like final sports seasons, prom, and graduation parties. Businesses that are significantly hurting … or dying. Grandparents who can’t hug their grandkids, even if it’s for the last time. I could go on and on and on.

I’m so sad.

Trying is really, really hard.

Getting to actual joy is a tall order.

I’m really, really tired with my new schedule.

So here goes….

1. Purpose. My purpose is to inspire people, plain and simple. It’s all I ever want to do. Well, I can still do that easily, every day. With a Facebook post. With a text message. With a chat with a client at my new job. With this article. I still have my purpose, can still let it lead me, and nothing can ever take that away.

2. A positive. My new job is pretty cool! I get to be around healers all day! I get to learn from them and see things from a new perspective and have more to share for my O.J. (original job) as a speaker … and a as writer, right here. It actually supports my purpose!

3. The repeatable moment. I think about taking Amica to Fowler’s Hollow State Park a little more than a week ago, of the moment when I sat on a log and heard nothing but the creek tumbling by and Amica plodding and sniffing nearby, never more than ten feet away because we’re more connected than ever, now, when we’re in the woods. And that place is less than 2 hours away by car. I can go back tomorrow if I want. It’s so, so special, and it’s something that is not lost and not confined to mere memory.

So that’s what I do. I remind myself of my purpose, to inspire, and that I can do that every day no matter what, and that I’m doing a great new thing that’s going to improve who I am and what I have to give, and then I close my eyes and go back to that state park, to that very log, enjoying the peace of it, knowing it’s still there for me whenever I like.

This calms me. It even gains a smile.


Often, my little mantra and meditation extends to 2 more pieces, and I tack these on.

“It’s not as bad as __________.”

The pain I felt this week adjusting to the new workspace is pretty intense, but, It’s not as bad as last fall when I could barely walk. That is an assuring thought.

An Action

Finally, I take an action, or remind myself of an action taken to improve something that’s stressing me out. My biggest worry this week was the pain I’d experience at the new gig. Well, I ordered a thing for my workstation that’s going to make that better. So I just remind myself of that now and know thing will improve.

My purpose is to inspire, and that’ll never go away. I’m going to be even better at it now. If I need something special, I’ll go back to Poe Paddy. Meanwhile, it’s not as bad as last fall, and my standing desk topper arrives on Monday.





6 thoughts on “My 3-Item “Reset Mantra” When Legit Trying is Too Hard

  1. As always- inspiring. Thanks for this. I look forward to your Friday message. I hope the new work station makes the new job a little easier and eases the pain. And congratulations on a full year of Friday messages!!

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