(#) Things Since (Terrible Thing)

9 May

Like this: “50 Things Since Fibro” or “19 Things Since COVID-19”

I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday. I was feeling disabled. It happens sometimes because, you know, I have disabilities. It’s a terrible feeling and I wanted to kick it on its way. So I started to think of all the things I am able to do, and that got me to thinking of a bunch of really cool things I’ve done since I got fibromyalgia (just one of my disabilities, but we’re going to go with this one for timeline and alliterative purposes).

Now I’m going to fix myself a cup of tea and see what I can come up with as I write out 50 things I’ve done since the onset of my fibro, that I never did before, that are totally awesome and prove how able and mighty and blessed I still am….

50 Things Since Fibro

  1. Started my own business as a speaker
  2. Traveled solo to a remote area of Brazil to meet my sponsored child of 11 years
  3. Hiked to a waterfall in a cave in Brazil
  4. Became a bartender
  5. Came to Jesus
  6. Kayaked in the Wisconsin Dells
  7. Presented on invisible disabilities to students at Johns Hopkins University
  8. Presented on invisible disabilities to faculty at Johns Hopkins University
  9. Presented on invisible disabilities and universal design to faculty at my alma mater and got an award
  10. Presented on invisible disabilities to a Native American community
  11. Drove to California, via Yellowstone National Park, and back with my dog in 16 days
  12. Drove around the country with my dog for 10 weeks
  13. sketch-1589076788467.jpgWent hang gliding
  14. Traveled solo to Portugal
  15. Traveled solo to Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland, taking the night train in between each city
  16. Traveled solo to Belgium
  17. Made 3 appearances on a local TV show
  18. Performed stand-up comedy in a packed historic theatre to raise money for a dog rescue
  19. Built shelves in my word studio
  20. Wrote dozens of blog articles on themes like disability and inspiration
  21. Invented Splat
  22. Published two books
  23. Got elected to office
  24. Became the chairperson of my local municipal authority
  25. Learned how to let my hair be curly
  26. Repaired a neighbor’s shredder
  27. Repaired a neighbor’s shi—, er, toilet
  28. Learned to make gluten-free muffins
  29. Created a self-love workshop for my church
  30. Stayed up past 3 a.m. in Times Square
  31. Fed a monkey in the Philippines
  32. Watched a Broadway musical
  33. Saw 8 operas in 6 historic operas houses in 4 countries
  34. Camped in Big Bend National Park
  35. Camped in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  36. Got my dog up to 43 states visited for her
  37. Safely returned baby doves fallen from their nest on my porch
  38. Visited two Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Pennsylvania
  39. Planted herbs
  40. Converted my third floor into a home gym
  41. Soaked my feet in hot springs in New Mexico, at a Buddhist compound with my Jemez friend
  42. Helped start an epic neighborhood New Year’s house-hop tradition
  43. Started making documinitaries
  44. Celebrated my dog’s 11th birthday with our bestie in California
  45. Wrote a poem to memorialize a friend
  46. Made Reuben mountain pies
  47. Quit the corporate job
  48. Gave two sermons at my church
  49. Became part of the church leadership council
  50. Wrote this list

Wow! That felt great! Look at everything I can do! OK, on to the next one. I’m doing this one for the coronavirus and how it’s changed the world and my world, to see what new ways my life is great despite all the losses….

19 Things Since COVID-19

  1. Celebrated my 40th birthday with my very best friend!
  2. Took my dog to Fowler’s Hollow State Park
  3. Took my dog to Swatara State Park
  4. Took my dog to Poe Paddy State Park
  5. Got ding dong ditched Rice Krispie donuts
  6. Got a new job in the medical/wellness field
  7. Was a guest on my friend’s awesome podcast, Improvised Wikipedia
  8. Raided my dog’s epic bandana collection to accessorize my face

Oh look! It’s incomplete! Why didn’t I finish it? Because finishing it will be my job in the coming weeks. I need to actively go out and live things to add to this list. And so should you.


3 thoughts on “(#) Things Since (Terrible Thing)

  1. I don’t know how or why, but God puts people in places at the right time when they need to be there. I am truly blessed I was in the right place and time to have met such a kindred soul 🙂 <3

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