Christina and Amica’s Chronic Adventure

28 May

Amica is my best friend, a senior retriever-chowchow-shepherd-rottweiler-otherstuff mix whom I’ve been with for eleven years, and in case you missed it, we’re on an epic cross-country journey.

20190527_203900On Instagram, I’ve been using #ChristinaandAmicasChronicAdventure to tag it, because that’s what I’ve named this. Why? Well, medically, “acute” is temporary, and “chronic” is indefinite … or forever. The duration of this trip is certainly indefinite, and we both forever love adventure. Also, I’m traveling despite chronic illnesses and chronic pain that make it difficult. Amica, similarly, is traveling with chronic pain. We have our limitations, but we’re having an adventure. Our chronic adventure.

I decided to make a map on Google to pinpoint our significant stops. I’ll keep it updated, so come back here to visit and see where we’ve been!


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