Using “Little Things” to Keep Up with Life

13 Jul

After ten hours at work, I came home and swept my porch. 20200713_200530.jpg

It was on my list.

I had this idea when today began, as I said good morning to the transplants in the Gratitude Garden (that’s my back yard) and plucked a couple weeds from their beds. I was wishing I could feel this caught up on all parts of my house and thought, well, if I could just do one little thing a day, I’ll at least be making progress.

I jotted down a list of “little things,” which are things that don’t NEED to be done, but would please me if they were done, such as….

  • weed along back fence
  • repair cabinet door
  • sweep basement
  • tidy car
  • sweep front porch
  • trim trees
  • wash rugs

They’re all things that take 5 – 10 minutes to do. No big deal. I decided to use the Splat system and add a “LITTLE THINGS” column to my Impact Map, something like:

  • moped/Eurocar/sedan = 2 little things
  • pickup-truck/tractor-trailer = 1 little thing
  • freight-train/asteroid = no little thing

Given that I’m currently at tractor trailer Splatus, I came home and picked one thing off my little thing list to do. That’s right–I got to pick whatever I wanted!

Here’s why I love this addition to my routine:

  1. I no longer feel overwhelmed by all the little things I never get done. They’re now officially being worked on, one (or two) at a time.
  2. I get to CHOOSE which chores I do when! I just have to commit to how many, per my Splatus.
  3. Because the little things now sit on a list, they no longer have to sit on my mind. Each time I see something around the house I’d like done, I just write it down, and I’ve got this little commitment now that it’ll get done.

Side note, this is also cool to do with a financial budget. Those unnecessary little things you want to buy? Make a list of them, and budget each month how many little things you’re allowed and then pick them off the list and treat yourself! Home repairs? Make a list! Pick one every month or quarter and don’t feel like they’ll never get done, because they’re on the list now. I need to start one of those, and “sidewalk” is going on it first!

Read more about using the Splat system and Impact Maps here: “Mapping” Your Way to Routines and Care


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