New Impact Map for “Daily Resolves”

8 May

I created a new version of the Impact Map for the Splat system this week, and I already love using it. Check out this evolution of my beta test and the new tools I made for *you*!

All images open as PDFs when you click on them.


I printed out this new template I created and, with pencil, wrote down what I wanted to get done on Monday and Tuesday and then filled in some essentials for the rest of the week. I also filled in the dates at the top.

daily map Mon

During the Week

I added more tasks as I thought of them and as they became necessary. I stayed true to the rules outlined in the Splatus key and crossed off tasks as I completed them. If there were optional things I didn’t get done, I erased them and moved them to another day.

Also, I made notes for changes to the map’s design, which included a space to record my daily Splatus (as I found that to be important), and I decided to have nothing to do on Friday but go fishing!


As you can see in the image below, by Friday, I had gotten done everything I needed to do, and lots of other things. I went fishing.

daily map Fri

(I caught a 13" brook trout that I ate for dinner. It was a very successful week.)

I caught a 13″ brook trout that I ate for dinner. It was a very successful week.


Today I updated my original templates. Yes, plural. I made two. One is for Monday through Friday, and the other is Monday through Sunday. Click on the images below for downloadable PDFs you can print out and start using this week! I’m definitely going to keep using them myself.

Microsoft Word - daily Impact Map

Microsoft Word - daily Impact Map - 7


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