Children’s Coloring Book About Invisible Disabilities

13 Mar

Last year, a high school student contacted me through my website after she Googled invisible disabilities. She is a Girl Scout, and she told me she was working towards her Gold Award, which is the highest award and equal to Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout. Her project was to be a children’s coloring book about invisible disabilities.

I loved the idea and was thrilled to be able to tell her I am a former English teacher and also a writer. I formally became her mentor for the project and saw her work through various drafts of the story. It turned out great! The book is at last done, and the drawings are just delightful. I can’t stop smiling when I see them!

So here is the book, for anyone who wants to download and print out and color. This is for us all to create a better, more inclusive world! If you could, pretty please, Anna would love some feedback as she finishes her complete award submission, to show the Scout higher ups that people are using the book and that her project is sustainable.

You can comment below, or email me here. Even just a note saying you downloaded it will be a big help!

Thanks, and enjoy!

Download Life with Stripes


7 thoughts on “Children’s Coloring Book About Invisible Disabilities

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring book! I absolutely loved it! I downloaded it and will be sharing with my 6 year niece. It will be helpful in helping her to understand maybe her Auntie a bit better. Keep up the great work!

  2. So proud of Anna. Great job on your book and getting your Gold Award.

    Christina..Thank you so much for helping with Anna on her project. She really enjoyed working with you.

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