Why Their Opinion of You Doesn’t Matter

4 Sep

I caught myself being bad again.

This time I caught myself caring way too much what other people think.

I’d been doing pretty well not caring about others’ opinions of me and my actions and choices, but more and more lately, I’ve been seeking external affirmation and getting very frustrated at not receiving what I’d deemed to be enough of it.

I’m reeling myself back in.

No one else’s expectations, actions, words, thoughts, or emotions reflect or affect who I truly am. They are not my mirror. I know this. It’s time to get back to living this.20200904_184628

It’s true. You are you no matter what anyone else says. Be your own favorite version of yourself — you’re the one who has to spend the most time around you anyway! Just as you said on the playground in your childhood, you’re rubber, not glue!

As I’m getting myself back on track, I noticed a giant truth I never saw before, even though I’ve danced all around it, with being rubber and with talking Splat

The only person who truly knows what your best actually is, in any moment, is you. Therefore, only person who can truly know if you’re doing your best, is you. Therefore the only person whom you’re actually accountable to, the only person whose opinion actually matters … is you.

So do your best, be kind to yourself, and to hell with whatever anyone else has to say about it.


8 thoughts on “Why Their Opinion of You Doesn’t Matter

  1. The one thing that has been hard for me to get thru my thick skull (and I think it’s finally gotten in there) is – What others think of me is none of my business. Just a different way of saying what you said. This has helped in my recovery from emotional and verbal abuse at the hands of my ex boyfriend. I’m slowly getting back to being that country girl with a great, snarky sense of humor.

  2. Yes! Exactly!! Why is it that we actually KNOW these things, but end up falling into the same old (bad) habits the moment we aren’t feeling well? Also, we need to be realistic about our TRUE “best” and not the “best” we think we “should” be able to achieve! Sometimes we’re our own worst critics. When I catch myself being nasty to myself, I now ask if that’s what I would say to anyone else who felt the way I did right then. Of course I wouldn’t! So why do it to myself? We need to remember to be kinder to ourselves, especially when we’re having a bad day for whatever reason. <3 <3 <3

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