Another Documinitary! (@ Pueblo of Jemez)

3 Apr

I had so much fun making my other documinitary, I was looking for a next opportunity. What better than maybe my coolest speaking experience ever? I spoke at the Pueblo of Jemez, a sovereign nation in New Mexico, last month. I had the privilege of delivering the keynote at their annual disabilities awareness conference. Then I explored a little.

Just one note: I made an error saying a church was built by Franciscan monks. They were Franciscan missionaries, rather. And truthfully, they didn’t build it, either. It was built by the Hemish (Jemez) people as forced labor.

Anyway, fun little flick. I’m still getting the hang of this. At some point, I need to add closed captions to make this accessible to more people. (If you need them, it wouldn’t hurt to shoot me an email through my contact page and ask me to bump it to the top of my to-do list. I’ll do it for you.)

watch the documinitary here


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