At Pace University’s Women’s Leadership Conference

5 Mar

On February 26, which happens to be my mom’s birthday, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at Pace University’s 2nd Women’s Leadership Conference. The student and faculty organizers did an incredible job producing and promoting a full day of education and inspiration.

female speaker Christina Irene helping attendance at a women's leadership event

Before the event began, I took a selfie with my banner. Out it went on Twitter, while I helped the facilitators blow up social media and gather a few last attendees.


My time onstage in front of a diverse group of male and female attendees went fast, but there were plenty of stories, laughs, tips, leadership, and empowerment to go around.

Here’s a clip from the leadership conference:

I’ve also got a few more clips from this event on my YouTube channel.

Women's Leadership Conference attendees quote Christina Irene on fear and the subtler villains.

Student attendees Tweeted about my speech during the event. It was really cool to see what statements they found the most meaningful.


My speech was followed by lunch, during which I led a guided discussion. Students reacted to stories and concepts from my speech as well as those of the four student speakers who did “PACEtalks” ahead of me. What I found most interesting was how many women and men were talking about the “challenge to women” part of my speech, where I ask women to stop being so catty and competitive with each other. (You can watch it on YouTube here.)

The way they reacted to my exposing this issue was almost like they were relieved. As if I had given them *permission* or something. I believe most of us truly want to be better humans and perhaps there is a certain burden lifted when we are disallowed one of our flaws.

Another thing I loved about my visit to Pace was getting to work with someone named Cristina! Different spelling (I told her she could “just call me H”), but for once I didn’t have to worry about being introduced as “Christine.” Yes, it’s the little things. Cristina Theriault was really great, as was Jeff Domagala, another women’s leadership event coordinator.

Christina Irene with event coordinator at Pace University.

Here I am with Cristina and my favorite SuperPowerment sign.


thanks for educational speech at the leadership conference

Cristina presented me with awesome gifts and this super nice card.

Just a little more fun….

To my career as a speaker, I’ve brought so much of what I learned as a comedian. This includes how to live life to the fullest on the road. I’m just not a stay-in-the-hotel-and-watch-TV kind of girl. So, I took a train to Manhattan for a celebratory dinner. It was freezing cold, but I didn’t care. Despite all the traveling I’ve done, this was just my second time ever in the Big Apple and my first time seeing the splendor of Grand Central Station. I love this city so much.

Women's empowerment speaker, Christina Irene, discovers Grand Central Station after a speaking engagement at Pace University.

My new friend, Officer Pepe, photographed me outside the magnificent Grand Central Station, with the equally-astounding Chrysler Building in the background.



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