tbb 2: Kearney, October 2003

5 Mar

tbb = throwback blog. More from the archives of my 2003-2006 road comedy years when I kept a photo journal on my dinky FrontPage website.

For this week’s edition, I decided to share the tale of my first gig with Steve Sabo, since this past Tuesday he was kind enough to book me for a one-niter in April. I was 23, fresh out of college, and forging westward by car for the first time.

Steve and I did two weeks of shows together, across Nebraska and the Dakotas, from a bowling alley, to a hotel basement, to a pretty sweet comedy club. This particular entry, featuring a small town in Nebraska, is a perfect snapshot of just another night on the road. Yep, this is what it was like.

Ready? Click here to go back to Kearney with me.


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