Cunningham's, Kearney, Nebraska, October 8, 2003


Alrighty, folks, I know there are way too many photos here to fit on one page, but I'm doing it anyway, so like it or leave it.....


First, a glimpse of SOME of the stuff I've packed for my 3-week tour.  This is in my driveway in PA.


I'm in Nebraska for the first time.  This is a very good representation of Nebraska, taken outside my motel room in Kearney.


This is too ridiculous.  Claiming to be famous already when admittedly only a year old??


Here's the venue, Cunningham's, in a very cool historic building.


Here's a taste of the atmosphere -- old beams, old typewriters, Budweiser sign.


Mike, the owner, takes me and Steve Sabo upstairs for a look at where comedy will soon be moved.  Here's a buggy hanging from the ceiling above the stairs.


The bar upstairs.


A view of the room from the area of the bar, of the area of the future stage.


Another shot of the front windows.


Here's Mike amidst the renovation.


The bar scene after the show.


And by the way, EVERYONE carries a knife.



Meanwhile, back in the showroom, Jage plays.



And meanwhile, back in the bar, my partner for these two weeks of touring, Steve Sabo, chats with a lady.  Watch out, Steve; she's got a knife.