Mackinac Island Adventure!, May 21, 2005


I did my Upper Peninsula Michigan & Minnesota Great Lakes tour this exact same week last year.  Last year, I planned to camp on the beach in St. Ignace, Michigan, and play around local tourist sites.  Last year, it rained all week, with lows in the 30s and 40s.  I did not camp.

This year, I again call the same campground and make my reservations.  The call was excitedly made in the office of a high school where I was substitute teaching, and with that circumstance, two of my favorite things here overlap.

And this year, it's all warm, partly-cloudy days and mildly cool evenings.  Yes, my trip is perfect, and I discover my newest favorite place in our country.  Click on the four photo links below, and discover it all for yourself ....   Then click on the bottom link for a poem .... 


POEM: "Day's Start on St. Ignace Sand"