ferry & Mackinac Island:


Passage to Mackinac Island is by boat only, so I snag myself a round-trip ferry ticket.  Three ferry lines serve the island from St. Ignace, and also from Mackinaw City, south of the Mackinac Bridge.  The ferries are passenger-only, as motor vehicles are banned on Mackinac Island.

I take a LOT of photos here, and love them all, so I'm posting many.  Six pages in all (for the ferry/island section).  Keep clicking "next" at the bottoms of the pages to catch all the photos.


I'm on the top deck of a ferry boat as I take this photo.  Each ferry line offers a different thrill.  I choose the one I hear is the most bouncy.  Obviously not the fastest, though.  Above, is a photo of another ferry passing mine.


Photo of the Mackinac Bridge, taken from the ferry.


We near the island, and I see Victorian Mansions and a huge, historic resort built into the island banks.


The ferry curves very close by this lighthouse.


The shore where the ferry is about to pull into port.  The cluster of buildings is the downtown shop area.


We are docking, and I snap a photo of the view off to the side.


Offboard, I enter the Shepler's Ferry breezeway, which will take me to the main street and shops.  At this point, I'm already deeply in love with the island, with my mouth conflicting between a gaping jaw-drop and a big grin.  I am a happy child!!



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