arrival, St. Ignace:


I arrive in St. Ignace, Michigan, the town where the northern end of the Mackinac Bridge arrives, so therefore on the Upper Peninsula.  I set up my tent in my shady, pine-surrounded beachfront campsite. 



The above photos are of my view; the water is Lake Huron.  In the photo on the right, you see Mackinac Island.


It's around noon, and with tonight's sleeping quarters all set, I drive into town to see what St. Ignace itself has to offer.  I see a pretty marina, park my car, and walk the docks...



...and take pictures of boats.  The above photos are of the same boat.  Fishing boat, I assume.


So really not a whole lot in St. Ignace itself.  Cute shops, a casino just out of town.  Last year, my plan was to probably hang in town and perhaps visit the casino via the shuttle.  However, in my motel room a couple nights ago, on my way up to the Upper Peninsula, I browsed rest-area-acquired brochures on the Mackinac Bridge region.  Barely a thought last year, this year Mackinac Island is a necessity.  Like St. Ignace, it has shops to offer, and it seems it'll have much, much more ................................


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