Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming-Montana, October 18 thru October 20, 2004


I came last year, and had to come again.  This is my favorite place in the world.  I do not aggressively explore it this year, however.  The weather is lousy, but that's ok; the weather has been perfect all week at the places where I hadn't been before, as well as perfect during my other recent vacation trips, like New England, so I'm still way ahead.  Also, I'm quite tired from all the parks, and my hectic driving schedule to not miss a moment of playtime, so I want to chill a little; this works just fine, as I've been here before; I'm very happy I rearranged my trip, nixed Glacier from the itinerary, so that I can wind down somewhere I've been already.

Before you check out these photos, if you haven't seen my photos from last year, please go there now: Yellowstone, 2003.  I doubt any return trip will ever outmatch my first experience in Yellowstone, and my first collection of photos will always be my favorite.  They may be my best, too.  Once you've seen them, then check out this year's.  Click on the six links below:


day one

night one

day two

night two

day three

night three


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