night one ...


Ack, things are much better in October.  Best price I can find on a room with a phone is $51 a night, and it's not exactly cozy, is it?


This is not often seen, though: hot cocoa in addition to the in-room coffee!


Cute note in my bathroom, with cute comments in multiple languages.


The place I choose to watch the game (as per suggestion of the woman working my motel) is Bullwinkle's, which is the place where I tried to eat last year, and couldn't get in.  I get in just fine (as in September there are still competitors open), and immediately make a new friend.  Here he is with me ... Mark, bartender, miscellaneous task-doer, and friend of the owners.  Mark is a fascinating man: Viet Nam vet.  Father.  He quit his career as a successful engineer in Wisconsin, gave all his stuff, including his car, to his sons, hopped on a train (or was it a bus?), and moved to Montana.  Now he lives in a trailer and works as a bartender, doesn't own a car, walks to work.  He's my hero!  Ever since I came out West last year, I've had the same inclination, although I don't want to give up my comedy career.


I make lots of friends tonight.  Here are a couple more: Derek and Don.  They're from England, in the states working as fishing guides.  Sweet gig, from the sound of it.  They sit by me and I insist they root for my boys from the University of Tennessee, and meanwhile, I teach them the rules of American football.


After watching an exciting win by Tennessee, I head across the street to accept an invitation from some of my other new friends to join an open mic there.  I do some comedy - my first time performing at a non-comedy open mic, which is a hit, as they don't get comedians in West Yellowstone, and later I get back up to recite a sonnet I wrote and sing a little Billie Holiday ... these things I've never before done in front of a crowd, and I love it!


Then I meet back up with Don and Derek, who came across the street as well.  Here's Don repeatedly kicking my butt in what they call "table football."


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