day one ...


I've just finished up breezing through Grand Teton National Park, and now I'm breezing through a little of Yellowstone.  I don't plan to stop at all.  The main reason for my rush is to get a motel room in West Yellowstone.  Why so early in the day?  Because it's Saturday, and I want to hang out at a bar and watch my alma mater play some ball tonight!


Landscape just up from the south entrance.  This is a part of the park I didn't cover last year.


My beloved bison!  Lounging in a geyser field.


Closer shot on film with my telephoto lens.


More from film with the telephoto.


Wide shot on film.


Film, telephoto: a big girl wandering back to the herd.


More on film.


Another close-up on film.


Telephoto film shot: a big elk hanging out near an off-road parking area.


Heading towards the west entrance, I get stuck in a traffic jam induced by a bison herd standing around on the road.  My wait is under an hour.  I'll talk to some folks tonight who were held up by these bison for over three hours.


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