Documinitary: Senior Dog Gets a Final Shot at Her Bucket List

17 Sep

You may know I’ve extensively used #Amicasmells on my Instagram, not because of Amica stinking (or making stinks), but because of Amica sniffing, a favorite activity second only to eating.

We drove across the country 3 times. The first trip was in 2017 and was a 16-day whirlwind. It inspired our greatest adventure ever, which was a 10-week exploration in 2019. That one I made a 10-minute movie about, and it included a message about one of my favorite coping methods. It’s at

And I made a new movie about our third trip, which tells quite an inspiring tale, if I may say so. Here it is.

For my whole buffalo story, check out: What’s with the Bison, Christina?


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