Yellowstone! - day two


My first view today, about the same area of yesterday's last view.  Note the fishermen.  There are lots of folks fishing in the park today.


Today's first bison sighting.  Circled in red.  In the foreground, is a hot spot.  In the background are trees damaged by the '88 wildfires, and white-cap Rockies.


Buffalo herd!!!


Yet another geyser field.


Now I KNOW I'm in heaven.  Hot cocoa and a weenie!!!  And if you know LG brand phones well enough, you can also see the symbol on my phone meaning "no service."  No problem.


The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


Cool tree!!


Rainbow at the foot of a waterfall.


Fire damage from the '88 wildfires, and new growth.


Elk during the off season.


Pretty, pretty.


Tower Falls.


And just as I'm about to leave the park, I spot a few coyote dashing across a field.


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