Yellowstone! - day one


One of my first views of the park ... note the white cap in the background.


Another early view ... and this is about when I saw buffalo for the first time -- a whole herd, just free in the wild.


A field of geysers.  The one in the foreground is clear and so deep you can't see the bottom.



Here's Old Faithful, and before the eruption, I met Juniper (left) and Walker (right), two sweetheart black labs.


These two bison get into it eight feet from my car, which I promptly move after snapping this photo.  The guys who were pulled off the road behind me, watching the same fight, find me later in the day and inform me if I had not moved my car when I did, I'd no longer have a car.


Another geyser field elsewhere in the park.


For those with no common sense.  Yeah, that's steam from a geyser, there.


Here's a pretty little river where I dangle off a cliff to get a picture


My last park view of the day, just before sunset.


TODAY'S TIP:  Never let your kids walk the streets alone.


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