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What is it?

Splat is a system of communication for people living with chronic illnesses, mental health diagnoses, and other hidden disabilities. Our conditions are often a “moving target,” meaning we never know how we’re going to feel from one day to the next. The one certainty is that every day, we feel like we’ve been run over by something. With that in mind, we can now communicate how we feel based on what that “something” is. The range goes from “moped” on our best days to “asteroid” on the very worst.

Not only is Splat an all-new, highly-effective way to communicate how we’re feeling to those around us, but it also spreads awareness, manages expectations, and helps us establish an actual routine … at last! How? Start with the free downloadable tool on this page. To get the most out of Splat, definitely read the book, and you can even get yourself a functional-chic Splat bracelet.

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This brand new, ground-breaking book takes an in-depth look at Christina Irene’s Splat System. Discover the 6 reasons we must communicate and what you can do to eliminate stigma. Access the 12 Splat tips to dramatically improve your relationships and self-care. Learn some powerful — and unusual — communication secrets straight from stand-up comedy. Plus, get unique coping techniques and loads of inspiration, all in a fast and fun read.

$3.99 e-book
$8.99 paperback

Some stuff readers are saying on Amazon…

“She approaches the subject with humor and the sensitivity that only someone who lives with an invisible disability can. Great read!”

“This book is a beautiful and open discussion about living with an invisible disability. I have a chronic autoimmune disease, but appear fine most of the time. I’ve lived with this disease since I was eighteen and still didn’t really know how to talk about it with people, but this book gives great, practical advice for people in my situation.”

“I read this book in one sitting the very first time I read it. I read it again a second time the same way. Now, in the last 48 hours, I keep going back to it. If you are person with an invisible disability (or more than one, for that matter), this book is for you.”

“I found this book fascinating for anyone who needs a workable and easy system to put a routine into your life, while coping with any type of hidden disability! As entertaining as it is informative, I highly recommend this book for anyone who feels alone with their invisible disability… Use the book as intended and see your self-esteem improve as well as receiving hints on how to discuss your bad days with co-workers, friends and family!”

The “Author Spotlight” on TV…

Available in e-book or paperback format.



Splat bracelets available on EtsyBrowse the store.

Get your own Splat bracelet hand-crafted by Christina Irene. Various sizes available, and styles include chakra beads, Christian, fibromyalgia awareness, and more! Change the pendants to indicate your daily Splat vehicle. Use the diffuser lava beads for your favorite essential oils. Each bracelet comes with 7 pendants and a mini booklet to help you use this innovative tool to its fullest. Fashionably spread awareness and get on track with positive self-care routines!

Download free tools.


Finally, there’s a way to be able to establish — and keep — an actual routine even when you have no idea how you’re going to feel from one day to the next. Use this game-changing tool to reclaim your life and get back on track with your goals. From here on out, there are no more excuses. Also, at last, there’s no more feeling guilty about what you can’t control.

link to Splat Cube toolSPLAT CUBE

Up for some arts and crafts? Here’s a tool you can make yourself. It’s easy! The Splat Cube is a 1½-inch desktop (or wherever) “signal” that you can display to let others know, and to remind yourself, how you’re feeling each day by showing the day’s Splat vehicle. This is a great way to support your Impact Chart. Instructions are on the print-out, or watch the video:


Use these images in your social media and messaging apps to show what vehicle weight you’re at each day. (They download best if you open the image first.)

Glean some self-care tips and inspiration.

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See the live program.speaking

Splat creator Christina Irene presents a variety of programs on hidden disabilities. These fun, educational, and inspirational sessions have gotten rave reviews from corporate, student, faculty, and community audiences — in person and online. Check out the different offerings, read what people are saying, and see some for yourself on the webpage: Hidden Disabilities Programs.

Who is Christina Irene? author photo

Christina Irene teaches hidden disabilities awareness and wellness to school, corporate, and community audiences around the world. She’s also lured abroad for architecture, food, and opera; and domestically for the natural wonders of beloved America. Writing is her lifelong passion: poetry, fiction, travel memoirs, and—of course—her stand-up comedy act.


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