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SuperPowerment: How Women Can Master Bravery and Become Unstoppable

Too often, women don’t pursue the things we really want because of internal barriers. Christina Irene has discovered a simple way to disempower these inhibitors so that we can be truly unstoppable. In this keynote speech, she reveals a proven, step-by-step process to get past these inhibitors. Christina also introduces actionable strategies to remain empowered when external “villains” come about, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse. The end of this speech is a call to action, to take one brave first step, whether small or large, towards empowerment.

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Don’t Just Lead…Inspire: A 3-Part Blueprint to Be an Unforgettable Leader

There are plenty of ways to lead. We can lead by merely dictating orders; we can lead by example. Christina believes in leading by inspiring—inspiring the way an artfully composed poem does. In her leadership presentation, she uses stories, comedy, and poetry to reveal a simple formula to being a leader who inspires, which means living the three ways a sonnet is formed: See challenges as puzzles to piece together, acknowledge limitations and find ways to be amazing within them, and act boldly and uninhibited by fear.

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Invisible Disabilities Awareness

Disabilities that aren’t immediately recognizable by others are called “invisible disabilities.” They are chronic, severe health conditions that not only place substantial limitations on what a person can do, but they also come with certain societal stigmas. In two available speeches on this topic, Christina Irene rips the shroud around invisible disabilities wide open through education and stories of her own personal struggles. She mixes her sharp humor with bold facts in a program that inspires sensitivity, companionship, and a huge jolt of hope for anyone impacted by an unseen disability.

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