Wiseacres, McLean, Virginia, April 1, 2005


For the purpose of recording an 8-minute set, I pop in at Wiseacres, where Mike Diesel, the booker, also great comic and great friend (my big bro), along with tonight's headliner, another best friend of mine, Tom Foss, allow me a sweet spot to film on a Friday night.


Here's Mike, Don Beefy himself, singing to bar manager, Gino.  See the agony?


Me with the guys ... this is a group photo of every comic who happened to be performing at, working at, or just visiting Wiseacres tonight.  True Wiseacres form, always a great group of pros around, as many comics, including myself, love to call this place home and are welcomed as such.  From left: Ben Isaac, Mark Matusof, Tom Foss, me, James Jones, Mike Diesel, Sean Gabbert, Clay Miles, Cary London.


During one of our group shot attempts, Tom Foss snaps a photo from the trenches.


Tom and I step out later for one of us.


And Tom has me snap one of him and Mike on his camera.