Friday night in Winston-Salem with my very good friend, Wes.


The gloomy North I'm leaving behind.


Wes and his dog, Daisy, adopted as an adult after I got a call from Wes saying, I found a great Jack, and I think I've got to keep her!


First, Wes and I go catch up with his friend, Dennis, who must study for the rest of the evening.


Me excited to see a leaf!


Back at Wes's, I browse his fridge and find just enough to make some killer quesadillas.  This is halfway through the process.


Edwin rejoins us.  Here's Wes and Edwin trying to round up some more folks to go out with us.


We head to the West End Opera House.


This is Dennis, the bouncer/door guy.  Very cool man.



The West End Opera House is a well-established darts joint.


Edwin as himself.


A cool shot on our table.



We walk back through the park.


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