nightlife ...


Wilmington has got an incredible night life!  Lots of cool little bars downtown.  And MG is the perfect companion for a St. Paddy's adventure.  It's going to be quite hard to top this next year.


MG and I start out with some dramatic (and wonderful!) Japanese food.  THANKS, MG!!!


Now we go play for a while.  MG heads for the NASCAR game.  To the left, you'll see I've indicated MG's red neck.  To the right, I've captured MG's driving face.  According to the southern lingo MG teaches me, with these photos and captioning, I am "rolling him under the bus."  Thanks for the education.


Now back to the hotel to wait for a cab ... yes, we're responsible adults.  MG is a brilliant musician, so I meanwhile introduce him to Merlot.


And here's our cab driver!  For the entire night.  He got plenty of company from us.  Me forgetting to bring my driver's license downtown with me gets us a bit of extra time in the cab.  Sometimes it really shows that I'm half-blonde.


First we stop at a fifth-floor patio bar that our cab driver recommends.  This is the view.


Next, we check out a dueling piano bar.  With a bartender with a fiddle on the bar.  Cool!  Smokey in here, isn't it?  MG and I contribute with a couple cigars.


We make a few attempts to get a photo.


Next to the local microbrewery.  I love microbreweries, and of course must get the sampler platter.  Above you meet our bartender and see the house MG built.  He happens to be in that line of work, you know.


And on to another place to check out a band, and MG gets some lousy green beer in a plastic cup.  St. Paddy's tradition.


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