West Yellowstone, Montana


For this evening, I decide to crash outside the west entrance to the park, in West Yellowstone, Montana.


The sunset in West Yellowstone.


During my hotel hunt, I find this moose on a lobby wall.  I also found this hotel to be too pricey.


I settle with a very nice Best Western -- see, great room, eh?? -- for less than $50. 


There is only one restaurant in town open at this time to serve dinner.  A place called Bullwinkle's, which is absolutely PACKED.  There may only be 100 people in town, but they're all crowded into this bar.  So, remembering my micro-fridge setup in the room, I move on to the grocery store, named a "supermarket," and about the size of a small drug store.  Very European.  So this is my dinner and breakfast for the next day.  The Healthy Choice "chicken parmigiana" is the BEST!


After some dabbling online, I drop my exhaustion from my exciting day onto a bed, in front of the TV.  One can always find a Law & Order on somewhere.


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