Northern Lights Casino, Walker, Minnesota, August 8, 2006


Reuniting at long last with my dear friend, Tom Foss, I hit my first gig on this two-week run.  It's in a casino in northern Minnesota.  Not the most exciting comedy show in the world, but staying up late playing three card poker after having only two hours of sleep was quite fun.  I made my twenty bucks last quite a long time!


This is what most of my drive in Minnesota (and through Wisconsin getting to Minnesota) looked like.


Here was a pretty little place I passed.  All that white stuff on the right is little boats.


Not quite as nice as the hotel I got for myself in Madison, but still, a very nice room.  Casino gig are usually very sweet.


Of course, an Indian theme in the decor.  I love my wolf.


The casino/hotel ... this picture is taken the next day, on the way out of town.  Rainy day.