Birthday Extravaganza: Vegas Vacation!

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 4 thru April 6, 2005





For my birthday this year, I have a tough task of outdoing last year's birthday.  As always, realizing it's the single woman's task to assure herself a good time, I went for the ultimate ... one night in New Hampshire, I bought myself a plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada so I could fulfill my long-standing dream of spending my birthday in Vegas.  Birthday Extravaganza regular, Daniel is kind enough to rejoin me this year, dragging along his brother David, whom I have never met, but who becomes a great new friend.  Also along for the fun is my dear friend, comic, Mark Matusof.  The stage is set, and what a show it turns out to be!

The photos are divided into 18 chapters.  Click on my links below to witness the good times.