Chapter -- David and I Take Back Vegas


After one last late night of fun, and the four of us now crammed into one room, the last morning in Vegas comes, during which Daniel and Mark split and leave David and I alone ...


We're on the trolley, with our mission being the buffet at the Luxor, as per David's request.  Here he is inadequately re-enacting last night when he was on the big shot and screamed (like a girl), "AGAINST THE LAW!"



We arrive at the Luxor.  (It's the one shaped like a pyramid.)  I pet the dog.  I don't know what's up with the angry woman in the photo.  I find her later as I sort through these for my site.



In the basement of the Luxor, we find the entrance to the buffet (left), and David goes to work.  Killer buffet!  In a really cool ancient-Egyptian-themed-decor restaurant.


Now we go upstairs to check out the rest of the hotel.  This is looking up at the point in the pyramid.  You can see the walkways all around the top ... those go to the hotel rooms.


We wander past the shops, and as we find out later, we're now in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  This is the bottle-cap sculpture/mural at the House of Blues.


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