Chapter -- To the Tower!


So we collected Kris and David, went back inside the Bellagio to play (Mr. Vegas and I enjoyed the Keno lounge, where I reunited the Moontrance with the pina colada), then Kris had to go, so back to a foursome, we head back to the Stratosphere to climb the tower ...



Daniel's photos from our cab ride back to the hotel.


The view from the observation level of the Stratosphere.


On top of the Stratosphere: David and I, via David's camera, via Daniel's finger on the button.


My view from the top.  We're up there to ride the rides.  Various contraptions which dip us over the edge of the building, launch us to the very top of the tallest building west of the Mississippi, and make other attempts to terrify us.  Closest I come is with my favorite, the Big Shot, the hydraulic launch, sort of like a reverse bungee ... sends you up so there's no indication that there's a building below you ... all you see are your toes and the lights of Vegas far, far below.  Gives me a little twinge in my belly.  Wheeeeee! 


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