Chapter -- Well, the Water Show is Free


A few of us have watching a water fountain show outside the Bellagio on our list of things to do in Vegas.  Daniel, Mark, and I grab a cab and head down.  Kris and David opt to walk and meet us later ...


Daniel takes this photo of Mark and I in the cab.



We're across the street from Paris, so I get a few photos.  Yet another excessively super-cool Vegas hotel.



A couple shots of the small man-made lake outside the Bellagio.  On the left, Casaer's is in the background, and you can see mist leftover from a water show that just wrapped up.  In the photo on the right is the Bellagio.





First, a photo of me by me, and on the right is a photo of me by Daniel.


Another shot of the lake.  On the street side of the lake is the sidewalk, tiered out a little all along.  All around the rest of the lake are lake-side shops and cafes.



Some shots as the show begins.  These displays run every fifteen minutes, each time with a different song to which the fountains are choreographed.  Very cool.


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