Chapter -- Back Out on the Streets


Heaven must be left behind now for more fun doing other things.  New things.  Another emergence to the streets ...


Leave it to Vegas to make sure there are large ponds and even small lakes - man-made - in the middle of the desert.  Here's the properly-named Mirage.



I get a few more photos of the Venetian with the lighting of the setting sun.



The photo on the left is by Daniel.  The one on the right is mine.  In both, you see Wynn, the newest of the super-hotels.  Just opening.



Treasure Island, and the crowds who wait to watch the free show outside on the pirate ships.



The Fashion Show Mall.  Oh, to have some more cash at this point.  There's a Puma store, there's a Sketchers store, I'm a woman....


BIG Vegas sign!





Daniel takes a photo of David.  Daniel's photo of David.


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