Chapter -- the Venetian!


We all hop on the trolley to head down to the cooler chunk of the strip.  I make a beeline for my favorite hotel (known from my Vegas trip six years ago): the Venetian ...


Here she is.



The ceiling just inside the main entrance ... and Daniel and David arrange a cool photo for us.


Canals even inside the hotel.  I love the Venetian.  I love Vegas hotels.  The shopping mall chunks of them (as seen here) are my favorite part.  Well, okay, the blinky-blinky lights, too.  Oh, and the place where I play the ponies.  And keno.  And poker.  Eh, I think the shops.  Really.  I think.  Maybe.


Oh, here's what I need!  Alright guys, I'll calm down now.  I've got some food.  It's been three whole hours since the IHOP.


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