Chapter -- We Go Snag David


Our foursome is missing the fourth; it's time to go find David, Daniel's brother ...


Mr. Vegas browses the literature on the way back to the Stratosphere.



The Stratosphere.  Ms. Vegas.


Still the three of us ... here's a group photo.


At the Stratosphere, we wait for David to show up.  I indulge (isn't Vegas about indulgence?) in two of my favorite things: Starbuck's caramel apple cider, and betting on the ponies.  Mark and I educate Daniel, who is soon eager to race to the counter.  By the way, the Stratosphere happens to have the nicest sports book I see during my trip.  Fortunately David doesn't leave us waiting long.


The brothers, reunited.  The four photo in this series is the one they knew I was taking.  The first three I sneak in as they prepare themselves and their smokes for the desired pose.  These photos are taken as we go back to the Sahara and ride the NASCAR rollercoaster.  Quite nice.


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