Chapter -- Morningtime in Vegas


So last night we mingled, we dropped a few bucks, we ate at the hotel's little 24-hour-diner, and even peeked in one of the little gift shops.  Now it's time to take on the city ...


The morning view from our room ... uh, yeah, Mark, Daniel, and I are all crammed in together.  Thanks, Daniel, for taking this shot!


The Stratosphere Tower.  The Stratosphere is our home for these couple days.


Okay, so the Stratosphere isn't one of the best hotels on the strip, but it's still one of the "cool" hotels.  Beats this one!


Breakfast anyone?  How about some syrup selection!


Mark, er, I mean, Mr. Vegas, is happy to be at IHOP.



How about a little walk?  We've got some time to kill before we meet Daniel's brother back at the Stratosphere.  Let's check out the Sahara.  Tropical.  Uh, isn't the Sahara a desert?



On the way back, the World's Largest Gift Shop!  I LOVE cheesy gift shops!


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