Chapter -- Arrival on My Birthday.


It's April 4, 2005.  Vegas is celebrating its centennial, and as of today, I'm a quarter of a century old.  Here we go ...


Daniel snaps the first photo: me finding him at the airport.  Yeah, that's all the luggage I have.


My first photo: Daniel in the cab as we head to the hotel.  We're so happy!!!


At the hotel, we meet up with Mark, Mr. Vegas.  He's already broken in the town for us.  Well, maybe not the town, but the poker tables downstairs.


And while he's doing so well, Mark gets me birthday presents!!!  Included there is my favorite tequila, Patron.  That's right, the good stuff.


Ah, now that's where I belong.  This photo credit to Daniel.  Way to sneak the shot!


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