Saturday    NIGHT


Tonight, back for another memorable evening at one of the best comedy venues.


Pre-show: Doug and Steve watch sports with man-posture.


Doug prepares to begin the show.


My 3X T-shirt customer from last night (commonly known as a regular here and as a lovely man) returns for another show.


It's not just lovely men to be found at Vanelli's.  This is Karen, the manager, and an awesome lady (with beautiful, sweet kids!!)


Steve and Bill, after all is said and done.


A college baseball team stops in just before closing, and not only does Vanelli's serve them all top-notch food super-fast, but he also leads the staff, and yes, us nationally-renowned professional entertainers (well, pro at least), in singing "take me out to the ball game."  That's customer service!


At last, we retire to the office for a final jam session.  Bill on guitar, Steve on buffalo wings and tambourine.


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