Friday    NIGHT


Friday night brings Vanelli's standard active-awesome-comedy-audience-packed house.


Left: Bill, the owner, and Doug, the house MC (another wonderful man here, too).  This is in Bill's office, pre-show.


Tonight's audience.


Headliner, Steve Hirst onstage.


Steve's show is a little unusual.  He's a hysterical, over-the-top entertainer.


Bill is like me -- an obsessive shutter-bug.


After the show, Bill gives me a tour of the art which covers every speck of wall in his restaurant.  Some of it is of moderate value, some priceless, some for show, some for sale, some purchased, some gifted.  It ranges from sketches by John Lennon to mere posters, like the one on the right here of my tall, dark, and handsome.  Mmmmmmm.


I love this print, because I love the dog!


Bill explains a series of beautiful music-inspired paintings.


One by a local artist.  I really fell in love with every single piece in this place.


The top colorful painting of the boy with the guitar is one I especially love.


Bill shows off a gift.


The restaurant itself.


Now back to Bill's office where Bill the rock star comes out to play.  And play he does!


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