at Brackin's


My Tennessee big-little brother and best friend, Paul, is a brilliant musician whom, throughout our long friendship, I've never seen play.  I make it a point to see him this trip.  I meet up with him at an old school small town blues pub in Maryville, where he's playing in a blues trio on a night where everyone with an instrument is welcome to take the stage.  I happen to have Merlot with me, because I've wanted Paul to meet her.  So what the heck? let's get up and play some blues.


My baby with Paul's baby.


Paul warming up before the first set.


I give Paul's baby a hug.


Paul playing the blues.


A man with a trumpet hangs onstage a while.


Paul taught me a blues riff for my debut, but I sink back to just chords and even then can't keep up!  But I'm so excited to get onstage as a musician for the first time.


The blues.


Mean Paul.


Now time for something else I love to do but am lousy at.


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