Pete and I go on some errands on Monday.  My errand is to make a few copies of my manuscript so I can pass it out to friends for review.  I don't bring my camera with me!  And we end up in "The Loop," which is the trendy/college/alternative/arts area of St. Louis, and I go to the place famous for root beer and have no photos to show for it.  Sorry, folks.

I do talk Pete into bringing me back to this happy place on Tuesday, though.  So Tuesday, Pete, his super-cool son, Dakota, and I eat at the famous Blueberry Hill and I take a few pictures of cool stuff.


The exterior.


Some ugly fake centaurs.  Just because.


Our table's window view.


One of the many display cases filled with collectables.  This one has Simpsons stuff!




The bar.


Collectables and celebrity autographs are mixed with a lot of taxidermy.



I love old places with lots of rooms ... you walk through and feel like the building will never end (kind of like that dude's basement in Silence of the Lambs, but without the creepy).  This is the darts room.  I just know my Shane would love this joint, because he loves hunting and has dead stuffed things, he loves collectables and especially old lunchboxes, and he loves darts!


Another cool display area.


A bison head!!!  I want it!


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