daytime, St. Louis



Pete Lytle, the MC, takes me to downtown St. Louis on Saturday to see the arch.


This happens to be anniversary celebration weekend for the arch.  Here, I meet a local celebrity, "Father Time."  Paul Pagano (Father Time) is a retired produce merchant who combines the ideas of "Father Time" and "God bless America."  Why?  "I'm helping people make memories," he says.  Well, that ties right into my life philosophy!  (See my philosophy page on this site.)



Pete and I go to the top of the arch!  We ride in these rickety little "pods," as I call them.  And no, they're not as dark as they seem in the photo on the right, but yes, they are as small as they seem in the photo on the left.



Photos from the top!  Left: West; downtown St. Louis.  Right: East; Mississippi River.


This is straight down from the arch.  Forgive the water droplets on the window which distort the photo.  It's a rainy day.  The little specks gathered in a cluster on the right side are people.


Here's where we get in and out of the pods up top.



Pete and I head back to St. Peters.  The photo on the right is a cool bridge that spans the Mississippi in downtown St. Louis.  It's also visible in my aerial photo of the Mississippi.


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