Sir Gregory's, Springfield, Missouri, April 8, 2004


Here's me with Barry Diamond, the headliner.



And here's Roy Johnson, the feature ... WHAT?  Yeah, they double-booked the feature, a simple mistake that's common enough in this biz.  The club has my name and confirmation, but I volunteer to take the alternative venue ... heading to Evansville and fill the empty MC spot this weekend with promises of kindnesses from the booker.


Thursday is also open mic night.  Here's the (self-proclaimed) world's oldest open mic'er with the manager.


Me with more open mic'ers ... the chick is Ginny Bell, and I decide to be cute and slip her a single.


True, I have no real gig this weekend, but I'm going to have fun anyway.  Sometimes, I think I can dance.


And once, in a very rare while I think it's not such a bad idea to butcher an Elton John song, karaoke.


At least I'm passionate about it.