Sir Gregory's, Springfield, Missouri, September 2 thru September 4, 2004


Before I get to Springfield, I stay with my old college buddy Randy in Champaign, IL.  On my agenda: laundry.  Here I am modeling my "laundry outfit."


Now in Springfield.  Here's the pretty moon after the show on Thursday.  The smear under it is because I shoot this from inside my car, and the moonlight is reflecting off a dead bug on my windshield.


I'm working with John Evans, a thrift store junkie, a thrift store genius.  Also a great guy and great comic.  Friday and Saturday we hit some thrift stores and antique stores.  Here's John with his finds of the weekend: a tablecloth (that's what he's wearing), a cute plaque with kittens that reads: "happiness is found in the little things," and Avon Glow Worm lip balm from the 70s.


My own finds: The Quiet Man and Throw Momma from the Train on VHS ($3 a piece); audiobooks, hopefully good ones (2 at $3, 2 at $6 SHAZAM!); and antique glasses ($2.50 each).  I'm happy.


Here's the MC, Stuart, a man with great presence and passion for comedy.


Tater Tots.